The fourth annual NZEB Open Doors will take place during the weekend of 11th – 13th November 2016, where owners of low energy buildings will open their doors to the public nationwide. Supported by SEAI, the event will enable the public to visit really good examples of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) in order to inspire them to aim for similar standards for their own building or renovation projects.

Exhibitors - do you have a low energy building (B3 or higher) that can be made available for viewing over the weekend of 11th to 13th of November 2016? - please fill out this form.

Visitors - please choose the Visit A Building link above. Select the building/s you wish to visit over the weekend, select the day and time.

Volunteers - are you a student of architecture who wishes to help out over the over the weekend of 11th to 13th of November? - please fill out this form.

If you would like more information please contact us at 01 4548300 or email us at info@nzeb-opendoors.ie.   

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